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These experts say we have three years to save the planet from irreversible destruction

original texte Their plan includes six goals for 2020: Increase renewable energy to 30% of electricity use. Draft plans for cities and states to ditch fossil fuel energy by 2050, with funding of $300 billion annually. Ensure 15% of all

The Sustainable Future is now!

It is not only about dreaming your future, it is about applying it into your daily life. It is not only about creating great companies, but is also also taking care of small details in your daily life, for example

Supporting Africa’s huge energy potential, by installing renewable electricity sources in combination with storage and energy management systems.

Expected: more batteries than car sales by Tesla!

…. ‘But Musk also said with full confidence that he ultimately expects the Powerwall to outsell Tesla cars, and easily so‘.  

Introduction of smart meters in Belgium!

The introduction of smart meters in households will make the usage of electrical storage systems at the residential level economically viable in Belgium, especially when the residence is equipped with PV panels. full article in flemish Depending on the case,

ENTSO-E Outlook sees an issue for the Belgium power supply in September

‘European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity’ outlook report for 2015 says: ‘Belgium’s need for imports might be particularly high in September. In case of low generation from renewables combined with important forced ​​outages of non-variable generation, Belgium’s import

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Giga Watt PV manufacturing in Europe.

EneRa joins the round table discussion between the political, the scientific and the industrial stakeholders! see: Round Table Giga Watt european initiative  

PV panels, now also in Belgium, falling under the EU WEEE directive!

In Flanders as of 22nd Sept ’14; Brussels & Wallonia as per Q1 ’15. Installers, distributor, re-sellers & manufacturers need to comply. How to become compliant see: see

Blackouts in Belgium, pitfalls & solutions

Major pitfalls: people say: ‘we have PV panels, so we do not have to worry‘: this is not correct as blackouts or power downs will happen during the winter period and in the evening time….. when the electricity production from

Officials from 14 governments meeting in Geneva today announced the launch of international negotiations that will aim to eliminate tariffs on “environmental goods” – products like wind turbines, solar water heaters, filters for wastewater treatment, and photovoltaic panels.

first step towards removal of import duties on PV panels into europe that would allow lower pricing and removing protectionism cfr. the SETI Alliance: “An early breakthrough in international trade negotiations on environmental goods would serve as an important signal to