About Enera


‘Sustain & improve the welbeeing of our ‘green & blue’ planet for future generations of species by reducing the ecological footprint of humanity.’


‘EneRa will drive and support the democratization of solar energy & other smart energy components that will lead to a close to 100% renewable energy production by 2050’

Who is EneRa

‘EneRa is a belgian company specialized in renewable energy. We started in 2010 with sales of PV panels and inverters towards distributors, installers and EPC companies. Thanks to our extended international network and expertise in supply chain we offer quality products at the best possible conditions. Our suppliers are selected after a thorough and broad selection process. In this process in which we have visited hundreds of manufacturers on site, we are objectively rating the supplier’s production, operations and quality process, technical capabilities, supplier selection process, communication and after sales service, product portfolio and product roadmap, financial stability, logistical flexibility, cost structure, management structure and the company’s strategy.

This is a proven approach in a relative young industry which is moving fast but on a bumpy road, very often depending on local, short term legislation (feed-in tariffs, green certificates, tax incentives, ….import restrictions, etc) with a lot of new players on the block. Now that most of the disruptive subsidies are disappearing in Europe, PV has reached ‘grid parity’ and a shake out is happening in the supplier base.The PV business is reaching the stage of maturity.

In addition to products and hardware, we offer services such as financing, engineering and supply chain.

As a next phase in production and consumption of renewable energy, we now also offer storage solutions. Thanks to the success of PV installations, and as the time of production (solar time) is not always the same as the time of consumption (time of use), some times and in some areas, there are imbalances that lead to loss of production and an overload to the electrical grid. Temporarily storage of electricity can solve this unbalance and has even other advantages such as acting as a backup power supply in times of a power blackout or reducing the electricity bill.

In the nearby future, we will also link this storage system to the ‘smart grid’. Already today, we work with ‘demand side management’ as we discharge the battery at the best ‘Time of Use’ towards some flexible loads.

As this ecosystem in renewable energy production, storage and consumption is rather large, we work with expert partners in their domain; this is the best guarantee to offer always state of the art solutions at the best conditions. Besides these strong and long term partnerships and our own specific engineering capabilities, one of our other strengths is the more than 20 years of experience that our founder has in international business in high tech on a global scale with first tier multinational companies.

We link our combined in depth technical and business knowledge with specific local market situations both in Western Europe as in developing countries.

EneRA is focused on quality products & services in renewable energy solutions in order to reduce our common ecological footprint. On our way, we keep our relationships with customers and suppliers durable and professional.

Passion, knowledge, a goal oriented hands-on approach are the team’s key success factors!’


  • electricity storage projects: consultancy, engineering and installation
  • electricity consumption audit, analysis, electricity saving proposals, effect on cash flow: consultancy
  • BtB direct Sales of PV panels, inverters, chargers, batteries, and other related smart grid components
  • supply chain services: consultancy
  • financing solutions, financial engineering
  • rural electrification projects: consultancy, engineering and installation
  • cradle to grave project & product management