Energy Storage Europe Congress 2019, takeaways

Energy Storage Europe Congress:

Main takeaways besides sector coupling and revenue stacking:

1) for reaching CO2 reduction goals, a broad set of technologies is available already today: different technologies for Li-Ion, redox flow, hydrogen, sodium based high temperature, salt liquid based, thermal storage (many technologies)… of course technology and pricing still need to be improved. In the mean time Pb Acid remains a proven and valid technology (but not mentioned during this congress)

2) heavy industry (steel industry like Thyssenkrup AG) is spending big efforts on reducing drastically their CO2 footprint (converting into synthetic fuels and raw material chemistry). Huge power & energy requirements can be provided via hydrogen (GW range electrolyzers).

3) issue is: politics is lagging behind due to short term view (elections fear)!

– missing regulatory framework: eg. stored electricity is double taxed

– fossil fuel pricing is still not taking into account massive cost on environmental and human negative impact (CO2 emission rights)

– subsidies for more pilot and demonstration projects (paid by higher (global) taxation on CO2 pollution)

– still promoting combustion engine cars via reduced taxes on ‘company cars’ #storage#energy#batteries#electricity

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