To safeguard the independency and objectivity of Enera we work with well known and with emerging suppliers such as SMA, Power One, Samil Power, K-Star,…

Depending on the customer’s profile, his technical and marketing requirements, we advise the best product at the best conditions.



Power One

Samil PowerK-Star

 We can classify inverters in:

  • micro-inverters:
    • for small PV installations
    • single or dual devices
    • from 190 upto 500W
  • string inverters:
    • for residential and PV plant installations
    • with our without transformer
    • from 2000 up to 30.000W
  • central inverters:
    • for PV plants
    • from 100.000 up to 500.000W
  • other
    • inverters with proprietary DC optimizers
    • DC optimizers, non-proprietary, that can be connected to most of inverters
    • Hybrid inverters: inverters combined with a charger to use with batteries, embedded or added on, in on-grid or off-grid applications
  • example of schematics3-phase inverter