Energy Audit

For companies that want to rationalize their energy bill and want to contribute with a smaller ecological footprint.
EneRa helps you to improve your company’s cash flow by reducing your electricity bill

Our first step is a meeting with you, to understand your company needs.
Based on available data, such as: your electricity consumption, electricity installation and customer profile; we can enter a next phase in which we:

a) measure detailed electricity consumption of your infrastructure

b) analyze the consumption and allocate the major energy consumption drivers

c) propose measures to rationalize the consumption  and/or the production of electricity

d) implement measures.
These measures can have a direct impact on your ‘normal operations’ or not, depending on your choices. Electricity demand can be shifted in time, very often without any operational consequences.
We dimension, install and provide operational and maintenance services of a PV or windmill installation.
We install an electricity storage system.
This system will be the buffer between your target consumption profile and the electricity production profile. It also can buffer electricity that is charged during night time at lower prices, to consume during day time when prices are high. Expensive peak loads can be reduced.

e) monitor and offer you operational & maintenance services