Already some 5000 solar storage systems installed in 2013 in Germany!


ref. Solar Energy Storage, December 04.2013, by M. Ammon

The future of our energy supply is in the hands of renewable energy. Since there is not only a disparity between energy generation and consumption in terms of location but also in terms of time, as the proportion of renewable energy in the overall amount of power generated grows so does the need to store this green energy.

It therefore goes without question that this sector holds enormous long-term potential. The some 5,000 solar storage systems that have so far been fitted alongside small and medium-sized PV roof-mounted installations in 2013 are only a first step towards unlocking this potential. The contribution of such small storage devices to the energy transition is limited, and the question may arise as to what extent their installation makes sense on a macroeconomic level.

It should nevertheless be noted that such systems are already in demand and thus a market has emerged for them. This means that these storage systems can be spoken of in terms of an actual market already in existence rather than only with regards to their long-term prospects

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